​Well Service

Inspection, maintenance, service and repair for: well drilling, groundwater monitoring wells, groundwater heat pumps and private wells

As a well construction company with many years of experience, we are familiar with the life cycle and aging process of wells from practical experience.

This process changes the physical and chemical properties of a well, its output can drop sharply, and risks to health and the environment might increase. Owners and persons responsible for wells therefore have a considerable responsibility. Measures need to be taken in the event of a drop in output rate.

An increasing amount of performance-reducing sludge, deposition of iron hydroxide fine particles, and incrustations are signs of the aging process. These changes occur exponentially and result in a damage chain that can soon affect all the components of a well. With regular checks and early diagnoses, it is possible to carry out a professional regeneration of wells in a targeted and timely manner. This reduces follow-up costs and pump failures, and even failure of the entire system can be avoided.

Our Well Service

Each well is unique. Not only in terms of functionality, but also because of the hydrogeological situation and the well construction. Each well has its own aging characteristics. The key here is not to miss the right timing. This calls for expertise.

Our state-of-the-art mobile service station enables us to perform service work efficiently and document it accurately. This not only saves costs, but also helps to protect valuable investments.


  • Measurements, pump tests for recording hydrological parameters
  • Biological tests and diagnoses
  • Documentation of the actual state
  • Supplement to operations logbook
  • Video camera inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Well sump pumping with an airlift (Mamut) pump
  • Impulse technology, piston and brush cleaning of filter sections
  • etc.


Removal of deposits from the well annulus and the adjacent aquifer.


A thorough investigation determines the necessary procedure for rehabilitation of the well. Usually casings (liners) are inserted to give the well a new life. For us, the necessary expertise and experience from a large number of well construction projects are a matter of course.

Thanks to our cooperation with pigadi GmbH, Germany, we can also rely on solid technical expertise in well servicing.


Info sheet on well service (PDF)

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