Drilling Specialties

(Rough terrain, restricted space, combined drilling methods, special drilling mud)

In many cases, installing powerful drilling equipment is severely limited by the conditions at the drilling site. For such applications, we specialize in modifying the equipment to suit the drilling requirements at hand, adapting it to the respective site in terms of logistics and installation, and preparing it on our premises for the job.

This includes installations by helicopter or with long-reach cranes. During these operations, we provide the necessary equipment with the appropriate transport units, and install it at the drilling site using helicopters or cranes. If necessary, work surfaces have to be prepared in advance for the installation of the equipment according to the expected loads. Depending on the requirements of the project, these are either drilling platforms for sloped terrain or floating platforms on water.

Another noteworthy application in this sector is underground work in very narrow hydropower plant shafts, dams and inside buildings. This also requires comprehensive preparation of the operating equipment on our premises, so that transport and installation at the drilling site can be carried out in accordance with the project requirements and transport possibilities.

This area also includes tasks that can only be carried out at certain times and must take into account rest periods, production times, traffic conditions or schedules. They include the frequent installations and deinstallations that may be necessary on a weekly or workday basis to complete a project, which represents a major challenge.

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