Destructive Drilling

Down-the-Hole Hammer Drilling

Down-the-hole hammer drilling is a very efficient way of drilling a well. Casings with an initial diameter of up to 244 millimeters and corresponding drill diameters can be used with this drilling method. Simultaneous drilling and casing makes it possible to drill boreholes in unstable terrain. The casings can be recovered once the work has been completed and the final lining has been installed.

Mud Rotary Drilling

By applying the mud rotary drilling method it is possible to manage even difficult borehole conditions, also in destructive drilling. Mud rotary drilling with the corresponding composition of drilling mud is used to protect the subsoil in particularly precarious geological and hydrological conditions. Furthermore, this method counteracts uncontrolled inflows of pressurized media in the subsoil. It also prevents an outflow or mixing of any pierced fluid boundaries until a protective casing is installed.

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