​Drainage Systems

  • Siphon drainage
  • Suction drainage
  • Electro-pneumatic drainage

Hazards can be prevented with Stump-BTE Bautechnik AG’s unrivaled drainage systems.

Water is one of the main driving forces of landslides on slopes and a serious risk factor for structural damage. Our drainage systems are well suited for draining slopes, lowering the groundwater level of buildings and stabilizing buildings and road sections. This requires accurate information on the geological structure and hydrological conditions.

Both Stump-BTE Bautechnik AG drainage systems are unique technical solutions. Both of them offer unrivaled performance with low permeability and varying flow rates, even with wastewater. The siphon drainage system does not require external energy input. Electro-pneumatic drainage systems use maintenance-free pumps operated by a central compressor. They are all designed for a long, cost-effective service life.

Info sheet on drainage systems (PDF)

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